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as a prominent partner in th▓e fields of science and research. Germany looks forward to closer communications with Chinese universities. He s▓aid the

ges.Schavan said that ▓

year-long event is a new engine of the bilateral c▓ooperation. The two sides signed a memorandum of understanding. The science education year will end

Germany regards China

in next May, during the Shanghai 2010 World Expo.Reporters lea▓rned from the China News that the 2009 National Science and Technology Award was revealed


on the morning of J▓anuary 11, and Sun Jiadong, a member of the China Academy o▓f Science and one of the founding fathers of the "Two ▓Bombs, One Satellite" and also a senior aerospace expert, re▓ceived the award. As one of the

three major experts involved with the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program, Sun Jiadong personally experienced, participated in, witnessed and directed the development of the Chinese aer▓ospace program from the beginning until now. His legendary life is closely associated with many firsts in Chinese aerospace history.Born in 1929 in Fuxian, ▓L

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iaoing Province, Sun Jiadong, who is a CPC member, is a▓n expert in carrier rocket and satellite technology. He is also member of both the China Academy of Science and the International Academy of Astronautics. At the ▓age of 18, he enrolled in the Harbin Institute of Technology to start preparatory courses in Russian, and ▓later transferred


to the automotive department. As the newly-established China began to set up an air force, Sun Jiadong, who was both of good character and strong academic pe▓rformance, was chosen to join the army as a Russ

ian translator, which the army was in dire need of at th▓at time.In 1951, Sun Jiadong, together with 29 other

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